Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals are held to high standards of care. Mistakes in diagnosing or treating illnesses or in performing medical procedures can lead to life-altering ramifications for injured patients.

Hospitals, clinics and care facilities likewise have weighty responsibilities in providing services for their patients. They must ensure that appropriate care is taken in hiring and training staff as well as implementing and enforcing safety protocols. Medical malpractice occurs when a health care professional or medical facility fails to comply with reasonable standards of care.

Working to Bring Healing and Wholeness

At Kara Hadican Samuels & Associates, L.L.C., in New Orleans, Louisiana, we routinely represent individuals, children and families who have suffered harm as a result of medical malpractice. With the right combination of courtroom finesse, legal knowledge, and compassion, our lawyers serve as a powerful voice for those who have been wronged.

Proactive Strategies In Medical Malpractice Cases

Our medical malpractice attorneys focus on the following types of cases:

  • Birth trauma litigation: Birth injuries can inflict lasting harm on your infant. Our attorneys can help you sort through what led to the injuries and who was responsible.
  • Failure to diagnose or treat strokes: Strokes are among the leading cause of death in the United States. Failure to promptly diagnose and treat a stroke can lead to significant medical repercussions, including death or permanent brain injury. Our attorneys understand how to navigate medical malpractice cases involving strokes.
  • Hypoxic brain injuries: When the brain does not receive enough oxygen —- due to a stroke, heart attack or other medical emergencies — permanent and widespread damage can occur. Our firm handles hypoxic and other types of brain injuries resulting from medical malpractice.
  • Emergency room negligence: ERs are often crowded and hectic. The medical personnel are frequently overworked and understaffed. These circumstances create a dangerous recipe for serious medical errors. We handle all types of emergency room negligence cases.

In each of these areas, we work proactively with medical experts and other professionals to build strong cases from the outset.

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